The Kitchen Specialist Assigned To Your Project Is...


Kitchen Design Specialist


When it comes to young talent, we're happy to introduce you to Haig. 

You'll find that when you meet him, you'll notice he has your best interest at heart, and is focused on listening to all that you're trying to achieve. 

Haig is energetic, sharp, and will follow through to ensure you get what you're after. 

Brent D.

Burbank, CA
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 Haig was great to work with, he listened to what we wanted, worked with our budget, and understood the timeline we needed things to get done by. Haig genuinely cared about what we needed and we felt like we could trust him, so we decided to move forward with him. It turned out beautifully. Haig, Caroline and their installation teams were great to work with, our home is completely finished & ready for our baby due late this summer and we owe a great deal to our friends for recommending Payless Kitchen Cabinets!