Step 1: Your Kitchen Shape

Draw your kitchen as a box showing all the walls that you think will have cabinets. Be sure to include any major structural features or obstacles.

Step 2: Draw It Out

Mark any openings such as windows and doorways. Be sure to include any obstacles that affect where cabinets can be installed. Now, label all the openings in your kitchen. You can label each area as “A-I,” recording each area as a key on your sketch

Step 3: Draw It Out

Now it’s time to get out the tape measure. Measure all the openings, from outside edge to outside edge, and fill in the key. If you’re uncomfortable with precise measurements, feel free to round to the nearest inch.

Step 4: Your Layout

Most people already have a good idea of where the major items will go in their kitchen. Feel free to draw your ideas of what you would like and include the placement of your sink and appliances.

Step 5: Pictures Of Your Kitchen

What can really help your specialist is to take ‘before’ pictures of your kitchen.

Remember this is just to get started, your kitchen specialist will confirm details later.

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